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Photography has been a long time apart of my life. My mom always had a camera in her hand documenting my childhood and takes the time even to this day to still work on her photos - putting them in albums, labeling our trips, reminiscing etc. I frequently go back to Wisconsin and end up pulling out my old baby books because my mom did such a great job of documenting my family moments. I always asked my mom if I could help her take pictures and on our family vacations would frequently ask to take my photo of whatever we were seeing. My parents let me borrow a film camera I was younger to take photos to on our trip to the Grand Canyon. From that moment, I was always documenting my life and keep working on printing my photos so I have them in albums. My hope for us: let’s run, laugh, play, cry, hug! Let’s make some memories together that you can look back on and remember those moments in your life.



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