All over Washington!

Hi guys!! For those of you who have been following me or have worked with me, I have some exciting news - WE MOVED! My fiance got a great opportunity at Boeing in Everett, WA and we couldn’t pass it up! We have dreamed of moving out of Chicago for years and decided when we vacationed to WA that it was the place for us. The layers of tall pine trees have always inspired me and I LOVE a good cloudy day. (For those of you who always say it rains all the time, it doesn’t! And even when it does, its nothing compared to the rain we dealt with in Chicago! There were many times I had to commute to work and sometimes I would be smart and bring another set of clothing and shoes and other times I would forget and sit at my desk all day soaked! I don’t get soaked here!! Maybe it’s because we are slowly buying all the adventure hiking gear, or the weather is just milder. Who knows!!

Anywho, we’ve been hiking like CRAZY. We were never big night owls in Chicago, so now many Friday evenings we find ourselves relaxing to prepare for a hike the next day. We brought out dog on our first hike and learned alot about hiking with her - basically we won’t unless the trail is super easy. She needs to be trail trained (aka she barrels ahead without thinking and doesn’t really understand dropoffs.) She’s a low energy breed in general, we don’t want to push her and be stuck on the top of the mountain. So! It was sad figuring this all out, but its going to keep her and us safer. It just means we are going to have to take some weekend trips all over WA so we can hike distances that are farther than 2 hours away from where we live.

But in reality, that’s all we have done in the past 3 months! We’ve visited Seattle a few times and got my most favorite restaurant down there - BISCUT BITCH! My sister and her roommate also accompanied us to Copperworks Distilling and made the most hysterical faces when they tasted our flights of distilled liquors. I’ve also booked a few adventure couple sessions which are keep me so excited and driven. We are keeping it pretty low key though - for now! I’m job hunting for my 9-5 as well as setting up everything here with photography.

Things I’m MOST excited for:

  • Whale watching

  • Scoring cheap tickets to Hawaii when the summer months are over

  • Banff National Park

  • Better access to Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Glacier National Park, Zion & Bryce Canyons, Yellowstone…ETC

  • Meeting some awesome, easy going people who love hiking as much as we do - and maybe some who want their photos taken ;)

  • Leavenworth at Christmas

  • Stocking our whiskey collection again

  • Getting another Bernese Mountain Dog

  • Finding a community theatre and taking dance lessons

  • Building a new community :)

Stay tuned!!

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