Ashley + Jesse

Madison, WI

"If you want to be a Badger then come along with me!"  Those words are known by every single person that ever went to UW-Madison and attended football games. I know I did! UW-Madison songs bring so much nostalgia to me from my college years!  So whenever I get to go back, I get super excited! Ashely and Jesse both went to UW-Madison and their engagement session happened where it all started!  Their dorms were so close to each other that they could yell across the courtyard to say hello.  It was meant to be! Fun fact - Jesse knew my boyfriend in college and then I met them through him! more fun facts- My boyfriend and I lived above them for a good half year without knowing it! Nathan (my boyfriend) ran into Jesse and it was a major light bulb moment!!

In any case- I had such a blast going around town with these two lovebirds! Ashley used to work for the athletic office as well so she was able to get us on the field at Camp Randall which was AMAZING!!! Take some time to look through these photos.  They are such a cute couple!! <3

lake mendota engagement
Liz Waters Boat House Engagement
sunrise lake mendota engagement
UW Madison Dorm Engagement
UW Madison Lakeshore Dorm Engagment
Couple's Meeting Place
black and white engagement cuddle
Lakeshore path engagement
northwoods engagement
Camp Randall Engagement
Field cuddle engagement
field engagement camp randall
laughing engagement couple
loving gaze engagement
Camp Randall Engagement Session
camp randall field entrance engagement
Carrying onto footbal field engagement
Camp Randall Stadium Engagement
Wisconsin Badger Engagement
Spinning Spider Monkey
spin move
close embrace engagement
couple love
Student Section Camp Randall
UW Madison Badger Game Day
Wisconsin Union Terrace Engagement
UW Madison Terrace
Badger Alumni Engagement
Madison Capital Engagement
Wisconsin Badger Love
Wisconsin Capitol Engagement
Wisconsin Capitol Dip
close embrace engagement
WI Badger Marriage
puppy engagement
xoxo alexandria